C4 Mini GPS / GSM Activity Tracker for Car Vehicle, Long Standby Time Tracking System


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Overview and Specifications:

Location Wireless GPS Locator
Key Features Stylish and exquisite appearance, GPS + BD + WIFI + LBS multi-mode precision positioning, remote listening, real-time positioning, long standby, multiple intelligent working mode

1. Structure part
Structure Part Category Product Specifications Remarks
ID style fashion sophisticated
Machine size 75 * 50 * 23mm
Machine weight 40G
Colour: Black    
gps antenna high-sensitivity active ceramic antenna
GSM antenna quad-band picocell antenna
Battery 3200mAh
1 SIM card
Gravity sensor support
I / O interface USB charging
Hardware part
Hardware part of the chip MTK MT6261
GPRS Class12
GPS signal L1, 1575.42MHz C / A
GPS channel number 22 channel
GPS chip-level receiver sensitivity tracking: -165dBm, capture: -148dBm
GPS positioning accuracy of 5 to 15 meters
Base station positioning accuracy 100-1000M
The minimum standby current is less than 0.5 mA
The average standby current is less than 3 mA
The average working current is about 55mA
Working temperature -20 ~ 70 ℃
Working humidity 5% to 95% does not solidify
Test and certification through 3C and CE certification, the national CTA certification
GPS antenna high sensitivity active ceramic antenna
GSM antenna quad-band picocell antenna
Gravity sensor support
MIC support
3 software part
Software part of the operating system support Android 2.3 and above systems, IOS5.0 and above.
Call feature remote pickup
Language support Simplified Chinese, English is compatible with multi-language support
Positioning GPS + BD + WIFI + LBS multimode positioning
Support AGPS cold start 26 seconds positioning
Power Management Ultra-low-power power management, intelligent sleep
Intelligent fence beyond the set range can automatically alarm
Historical trajectory can be found within three months of historical trajectory
Wireless upgrade software remote upgrade, remote debugging and maintenance, remote setting parameters