Camera Bug RF Signal Detector [Enhanced Version], Dooreemee Wireless Hidden Camera GPS Tracker Higher Sensitivity Multi-function


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Overview and Specifications:

Always feeling someone keeping a close eye on you ?

Want to fully protect the security of the business secret information?

Still looking for signal detector to live in safety?

Here! This CX307+ Multi detector upgrade with Greater Sensivity help you to detect and find bugs, GPS trackers, wireless cameras, other devices and the radiation sources in a more precise and quicker way than normal detector.

More Professional Camera Detector Better Privacy and Safety Protection!

Detection Device Type: Detect and find the camera, pinhole camera, nanny secret camera, webcams, CCTV cameras to stop monitoring; the  recorder, voice recorders, analog and digital wireless eavesdropping devices to protect information security; the GPS watch vehicle tracker, car tracking system, eavesdropping devices to prevent be pursued

Power Voltage and Detection Range:11.8-19.7in/50-200mv; 3.3-6.6ft/300-600mv; 9.8-26.2ft/800-1200mv

Radio Wave Detection Camera Distance:1.97in-32.8ft

Laser Detection Camera Distance: 3.94in-32.8ft

Receive Frequency Range:1MHz-6500MHz

Power: Built-in lithium battery 450mAH

Probe Laser Wavelength: 920nm

Lens: Dedicated Optical Filter

Current Consumption: 8mA

Material: ABS Plastic