Car Annual Inspection Of Static Paste Car Paste Before The File Sign Electrostatic Paste Sticker – 3PCS


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Overview and Specifications:

This product is a use of electrostatic adsorption in the car before the file on the flag glass patch, the use of the patch when the flag can be car inspection, environmental protection and other posts directly posted on the static patch, no residual residue when the replacement, Avoid cleaning trouble. Single rose size 11 * 10cm, GM models
【Product Name】: car front sign static stickers
【Product Size】: 11 * 10cm
【Product Specifications】: three loaded
1, this product is cold and heat, paste solid, easy to use, can be repeatedly used without deformation
2, when you need to replace the logo, just set off the film corner, you can tear off.
3, will not leave any traces on the windshield, do not need to clean up the adhesive on the glass and trouble.
4, can change the logo attached to the position on the windshield.
Peel off the separation paper on the front of the sign
Put the sign with the adhesive surface attached to the static paste
At this time, please remove the protective paper affixed to the static electricity
Put the affixed stickers on the front glass in the correct position
Special Note
1. Avoid contact with open flame
Electrostatic coating should be used to avoid contact with oil and dust