Car Holder Multi-Functional Anti-Skid Air Vent Car Phone Holder


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Color Name : Black
Material : ABS + rubber

1. Gravity car phone holder. Just put the phone on the bracket, the weight of the phone itself will be pressed on the lower arm, trigger the link structure and clamp the phone inward.
2. Firmly lock the phone, change the shortcomings of the traditional bracket easy to fall off. Support the maximum 50-90mm wide 4.0-6.2 inch mobile phone
3. Automatic bending, easy to pick and place
4. The bracket is made of plastic to protect the appearance of the phone, so that the phone will not be damaged without cover.
5. Retain the button and data line charging port, this does not affect normal operation.
6. Only for car vents

Color: Black, White
material: ABS + rubber

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