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Car HUD GPS Over-speed Alarming Head-up Display Universal Mileage Meter Speedometer


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Wire or Wireless : wired
Size Name : 150*16*59(mm)
Rated Power : 12V
Output Frequency : /
Origin : CN(Origin)

1. Driving is safer:the time for vision to deviate from the main direction is reduced, and the speed information can be captured by slight eye movements.
2. Drive easier:reduce the frequency of visual distance adjustment, the intensity of eyeball direction adjustment, and reduce eye fatigue.
3. Passengers are more comfortable with speed information publicity, which improves the safety and comfort of the ride.
4. The display is clearer in a summer, hot sun or night, different installation positions can be selected, and the speed value can be clearly displayed.
5. The speed data obtained by the satellite is accurate, timely and authoritative.
6. The installation is simple. It can be connected to an external 5V DC power supply, or an external small power mobile power supply can also work normally.
7. Overspeed alarm one can set different alarm speed values.
8. Fatigue driving alarm will alarm once every more than 1 hour of continuous driving
9. Switch of measurement unit One can quickly switch the speed measurement unit (km/mile) to meet the needs of different markets.
10. Statistics of driving mileage and driving time. Once the vehicle is stopped, the current driving mileage will be automatically displayed. The current driving time and total driving mileage.
11. Intelligent display brightness control. Under strong light, the speed display brightness will automatically increase, and under weak light, the speed display brightness will automatically decrease.


Brand: Tian Jiangjun

Model: C80
Applicable models: General
Material: PC+ABS
Type: Car HUD head-up display
Screen type: Meter
Screen size: 4.5 inches

Package size:115*65*71mm
1. Speeding alarm
2. Altitude
3. Mileage statistics
4. GPS satellite speed measurement
5. Easy installation without wiring
6. Precise GPS local time, automatically adjust time zone