Car Tire Anti-slip Rubber Strip Anti-Skid Emergency Tire Ties Wear-Resistant Rubber Chains


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Overview and Specifications:

Single treaty 92cm
Made of UL approved nylon 66 material, flameproof grade 94V-2, acid-resistant, corrosion-resistant, good insulation, not easy to aging,
Suitable models: Universal 14-24 inch wheels

Anti-skid chain — This nylon anti-skid chain shape and tendon anti-skid chain is basically the same, but the use of good quality nylon can have a strong pull, and then there is the deployment of nylon tensile strength in the nylon wire. Similar to the manufacture of tires, nylon yarn plays a role of resistance and strengthening, play a non-slip effect. Although the appearance of a similar tendon chain, but obviously the overall thickness and mesh should be greater than tendon chain. This rubber anti-skid chain is useful in snow and mountain climbing, and the auto anti-skid chain is a car safety product designed for the safety of your car. Using the special rough surface of the anti-skid chain to increase the friction with the road surface, it usually plays the role of protecting the tire, preventing the tire from slipping and ensuring the normal running of the vehicle under snow and muddy road conditions. Especially in winter snow on the road, can effectively ensure the smooth running of the vehicle and driving safety.
Car anti-skid chain is not just a seasonal product, that is, not only in winter and rain and snow weather can play a role, also in skiing, off-road, field exploration, mountain driving and other vehicles have an irreplaceable driving status
Before traveling in good safety skid chain, not in the face of ice and snow after the installation, because the temporary installation of anti-skid chain than the previous installation of trouble, but also not conducive to safety. The vehicle should be parked in a safe place before installation and disassembly. As in the busy road, need to set the necessary traffic warning signs. Do not install snow chains with flat tires.
There are also size restrictions snow chains, respectively, for different wheel sizes and tire width, pay attention to choose the wheel size to match the snow chain. After installing the anti-skid chain, the driving speed is generally not more than 40Km / hour, and be careful to avoid sudden acceleration or deceleration as much as possible. When the vehicle does not require the use of anti-slip chain pavement, please remove the anti-skid chain.