Classic Wooden YOYO Yo Yo Ball For Kids Classic Toys Home School


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Age Range : 5-7 Years
Model Number : /
Diameter : 5.5cm
Gender : Unisex
Shape : Drum-shaped
Features : Mini
Warning : /
Tricks : 1A
Cable Length : 114cm
Gap Width : 3.5
Material : Wood
Recovery System : Other


YO-YO is not a strange word. The earliest records of history books appeared in Greece before 500 AD. According to legend, in the 16th century, the hunting people of the Philippines used the hunting and fighting equipment at the front of the rope. With heavy weapons like yoyo, it is reported that this is the origin of yoyo. About 300 years ago, Yoyo passed to Japan and was known as a “unicycle” or “money wheel”. It is very popular among young people. At the beginning of the 18th century, Yoyo was widely popular in Britain as “Prince’s Treasure” and in France as “Norman Yoyo”, especially in the refined society of France and Britain. Since then, this toy and the name “Yoyou” have spread from France to the world.