CTSmart G4 Outdoor Waterproof Aluminum Straight Light Riding Lamp – Black


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Overview and Specifications:

Material: Aluminum alloy, charging method: USB charging, lamp beads: T6 LED lamp beads, lamp beads lumens: 1100 lumens,

effective range: 250 meters, suitable for battery: 18650 model lithium ion battery (full time is 1.5H) Color: black,

size: 32.5 * 124mm, open gear: strong light (illumination duration 1.5H), low light (illumination duration 3.5H),

explosion flashing (illumination duration 50 minutes), any state long press SOS. Flashlight advantage is the long battery life,

brightness, range and so on a wide range. This is a great benefit to unexpected situations. Also has a multi-stall operation,

SOS distress signal. LED flashlight with the diversification of consumer needs and multi-functional,

convenient for consumers to carry.