CTSmart Lightweight Outdoor Riding Cap,One-piece Safety Helmet (One Size)


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Overview and Specifications:

Material: EPS+PC
Size: One size
Appropriate for head circumference 58-62cm
The average person's head is suitable.

It is made of EPU anti-impact factor material, combined with one-piece molding and single-body structure design, making it front and rear connected and integrated with each other.
External hard internal structure, a strong external density can effectively disperse the external force, and a soft internal density can effectively absorb the impact energy.
This allows the wearer to spread the impact as much as possible when subjected to accidental impacts, protecting the user's life. Shock-absorbing molecular structures are uniform in size and compact in arrangement. Even if cracks occur after impact, we can quickly discover and replace damaged helmets in time to reduce potential safety hazards.
Using the latest and improved internal hemorrhoid technology, the weight of the cap can be reduced without affecting the appearance.
The general nature of the helmet: wearing a bicycle helmet during riding can reduce the chance of 80% of the head being damaged; people who wear helmets during a crash have reduced the risk factor for serious injuries to their heads by 85%. It feels cool and really cool.
At the same time, the vent holes in the helmet can make the head feel cooler. The principle of protecting the head with a helmet is that the person wearing the helmet can stop the collided head relatively slowly.
If the helmet is not hit by the head, it will cause the cerebral edema to cause bleeding and the helmet will converge. The ball can absorb the impact force and avoid these unfortunate events.