Current Buzzing Noise Canceller


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Overview and Specifications:

Almost all 60Hz AC buzzing is caused by earthing loops and acts like a radio antenna (ring antenna). The buzzing noise canceller completely eliminates this by disconnecting the grounding circuit, making the signal line unable to absorb the AC buzzing and noise first. Compared with balanced circuits, unbalanced circuits are more susceptible to current noise and RF interferences–the longer the unbalanced cables are, the more likely problems are. Using this device to connect two devices is one of the most economical and effective methods to convert between unbalanced signal and real balanced signal. Automatically convert signal voltage to match ground potential difference.
60 Hz noise cancellation, eliminating AC buzzing noise,
Safety earthing breaks the grounding cycle, keeps the highest sound quality,
Passive equipment: no power supply, high performance ultra compact design
Four channel stereo 6.35mm and XLR and 3.5mm and RCA signal inputs and outputs
A set of input and output 6.35mm TRS signals
A set of input and output XLR signals
A set of input and output 3.5mm signals
A set of input and output RCA signals
Note: there is no multi-channel stereo input and output at the same time.
Fever grade high quality components and very sturdy structure.
Automatically converts an unbalanced signal to a balanced signal without any signal loss,
Use the 11:1 isolation transformer to disconnect the ring antenna and the balanced  audio line