Cwxuan Clip-on 3.5mm Bluetooth Audio Music Adapter Receiver with Mic, Supports Handsfree Calls and TF Card


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Overview and Specifications:

Shape of this product looks like a pen and make it easy to carry and attractive. The Bluetooth pen is not only cute but also functional. It works by being inserted into speaker, headset, or car speaker, and then you can enjoy music freely by connecting it with smart phone via Bluetooth. Bluetooth call function makes it more convenient to answer phone. The happiness it brings is out of your imagination. You will fall in love with this product if you bring it home.
1.   With a special jack that headset can insert into
2.   Transmitting music via Bluetooth connection
3.   With Bluetooth call function
4.   Support TF card playback function
5.   Easy to carry
6.   Charging through a USB cable

How to use:
1.   Turn on the power: long press the power button for 3 seconds, blue light flash
2.   Bluetooth connection: open phone Bluetooth, search  to pair
3.   Inserting the device into speaker, headset, or car speaker
4.   Press power button to play music, press the first and the third to play last song and next song, and press power button to stop song playing
5.   Press the power button to answer phone and hang up phone
6.   Call / receive calls
– When you make a call or answer a call, the Bluetooth receiver will automatically pause playback.
-  When you press the multi-function button to end the call and the audio will resume playback automatically.