Cwxuan USB Type C PD Charging Cable to DC 4.0 X 1.35mm Plug Converter for Asus Laptop Power Adapter Connector


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Output Current : 3A
Output Voltage : 20V
Compatible Brand : For ASUS
Model Number : 40*135
Package : No
Plug Type : Other

1. The conductor is made of pure copper, which has stable performance and stable signal transmission.
2. Built in PD-inducing chip, which can convert the type-c PD power supply to a 4.0mm x 1.35mm notebook power connector.
3. Applicated to converting PD power to 4.0mm x 1.35mm notebook power interface, output power 19v-20v. Laptops using this interface include for ASUS laptop.
4. Made of high quality material, it is durable and can serve for a long time.

Item Type: Adapter Cable
Product Length: 150cm
Input Interface: Type-C
Output Interface:  4.0 x 1.35mm DC plug (usually used for notebook power adapter)
Output Voltage: 19-20V
Output Power: 65W
Material: Type-C end is aluminium alloy shell, all-in-one PVC injection moulding environmental protection material
Applicable models: This wire is used in the 45W-65W-90W series of USB C PD power adapters to provide power to charge the for Asus 33W 45W 65W laptop.

for Asus Zenbook UX21A UX31A UX32A UX32V UX32VD UX42 V451 U38D UX310UA UX305CA UX305C UX305UA ……

for Asus X540 X540LA X540SA X305M X553 X553M X553MA X553S X553SA; Zenbook UX305 UX305LA UX305FA UX305UA UX21A UX32 UX32A U38;Taichi 21 31; Transformer Book T300 T300LA TP300 TP300LA TP300LD;Vivobook S200 S200E Q200 Q200E Q302LA Q302UA S200E X201E X403M X503M E402 X441N E502N X540N X202 X202E X550 V450 X453S  R471S E402N Q200E,X201E X441N…. ……