D30 Mini Personal Anti-lost Waterproof Smart GPS Locator Tracker – Black


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Overview and Specifications:

Operate OS    MTK    GSM mainchip
GSM、GPRS    Support    GSM frequency
GPS    Support    GPS chip
Beidou GPS、WIFI positioning    Support    Beidou chip
AGPS    Support    GPRS
LBS    Support    Beidou/GPS Signal
3D acceleration sensor    Support    GPS channel 
6D acceleration sensor    No    AGPS positioning time
Compass    No    Beidou/GPS Sensitivity
WIFI accurate position indoor    Support    Beidou/GPS Precision
Remote software update    No    LBS Precision
Remote debugging maintenance    Support    The average standby current
Remote setting parameter    Support    The average working current
Tamper alarm    No    Operating temperature
Super power-saving technology    No    Operating Humidity
Low power supply management    No    Test and Certificate
Online query location    Download related APP in your phone or in your computer    GPS antenna
Historical route    Support    GSM antenna
Call    Support    Mainboard stack size
Information Inquiry    Support    
Battery inside    Support    
SIM    Nano Simcard    
Fill in the blind spots    Support    
Drift processing    Support    
Lithium battery charging circuit    Support    
Lithium battery protection    Support    
Remote monitoring    Support    
SOS    Support    
USB     Support    
Anti-crash,anti-off card,anti-offline    Support    
Indicator light    Support    
TP    No    
Color display     No