D8 Mini Portable DV HD Camera Sports DV Video Recording Camera Camcorder


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Main Processor ( Maximum HD Support) : SPCA1628 (720P/30FPS)
Image Sensor : Other SONY Series
Effective MegaPixel : About 1.3MP
Package : Yes
Built-in Memory Size : Non
Memory Card Type : MicroSD / TF
Image Stabilization : Electronic Image Stabilization
Model Number : D8
Touch Screen : No
NightShot Function : Yes
Screen Size : Without Screen
Weight : 100g and below
Remote Control Support : No
Volume : 55x20x18mm
Battery Capacity : 300MAH
WIFI Support : Yes
Memory Card Support : 32G
Wideangle : 180°
HDMI Output : No
Waterproof : No
Display Screen : No
Maximum Aperture : NONE
Bluetooth Support : No
NFC Support : Yes
Sensor Size (inches) : 1/2.4 inches
Additional Function : Nightshot
Application : Extreme Sports,Outdoor Sport Activities,Bicycle,Car DVR


300,000 CMOS 720 * 480dpi


52 °

Minimum illumination 1Lux

Battery capacity 260mAH

130mA / 3.7V

Storage temperature -20 ℃ ~ 80 ℃

Operating temperature -10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃

Operating humidity 15-85% RH

Memory card type Micro SD card (TF card)

Memory card capacity up to 32G

Video function: Video coder and decoder adopt Motion JPEG, and
record into AVI file format

USB interface USB1.1

Weight 100g (approximately)

Size 55x20x18mm (approximately)

operating system

Windows 98SE / 2000 / Me / XP / Vista

Operation Guide


This machine has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery. When
using this machine for the first time, please charge it first. The MINI DV can
be charged in the following ways:

1), connect to the computer to charge, connect to the computer
with a USB data cable, and then charge

2). Use the charger to charge, connect the USB data cable to
the charger holder, and then plug the charger into the mains socket to

When charging, the green and red lights are on, both are at

Note: When the battery power is low, it will directly enter the
protection state and cannot be turned on. In this case, charge the unit.

Power on and video

Press the Power button lightly. The green indicator light is
on. Tap the Record / Stop button on the top, the green light is always on, the
red light starts to flash slowly, and the camera starts recording. Short press
the Record / Stop button again to stop recording and automatically save the
file. The red light stays on after saving. To continue recording, press the
Record / Stop button again.


a. Please be sure to insert a T-flash (Micro SD) card,

b. If no card is inserted, it will automatically shut down
after 30 seconds

d. The maximum capacity of T-flash (Micro SD) is 32GB.

e. It takes time to save the file,

f. Do not continuously press the operation keys, etc. while

g. This will cause the recorded file cannot be saved smoothly
and the generated file will be incomplete.

j. Please aim the lens at the subject under sufficient

l. Keep a distance of more than 50cm from the subject, this
will get an accurate, natural color, clear scene, and stable image.

Voice control camera

Press the Power button lightly, the blue indicator light is on.
At this time, you can press the MODE button to switch to the voice-activated
camera mode. At this time, the blue light is always on and the red light is
flashing quickly (indicating the voice-activated standby state). When the sound
at the recording site exceeds 60 dB, the MD80 starts automatic video recording.
At this time, the blue light is always on and the red light is flashing slowly
(indicating that the sound is being recorded).

After the start of each voice-activated recording, the minimum
time for each video is 2 minutes. If the recording scene is silent after 2
minutes of recording, the recording file is automatically saved and switched to
standby; if it is recorded for 2 minutes After that, there will still be sound
at the scene, which will continue to be recorded for a while.

time setting

The specific usage is as follows:

1. Create a new text file named TAG.TXT in the root directory
of the card

2. Open the TAG.TXT file and write the time to be synchronized
in strict accordance with the format of the attachment.

The specific format is as follows:

[date] <-Needs space to wrap

2009/07/22 <-Need space to wrap


Each time the system is turned on, the system will self-test
and analyze the TAG.TXT file, and set the system time according to the time
inside. After the setting, the system will automatically delete this file!


In the camera state or standby state, press the Power button
for 3 seconds, release the button, and wait for the indicator light to go out,
indicating that the machine has been turned off.

Connect computer

In the off state, standby state or video state, you can
directly connect to the computer. After connecting to the computer, it can be
used as a U disk, and you can freely copy, cut and delete files.

Plug the machine into the USB port of the computer, and the
removable disk logo will pop up after a few seconds. The red indicator light is
always on, and the green indicator light is on after a momentary flash.


a. After the machine is connected to the computer, if the
computer cannot recognize it, or the removable disk logo does not pop up after
30 seconds, please replug it.

b. It is recommended to copy or cut the recorded video files to
the hard disk of the computer for playback, and directly play the video files
stored in the built-in memory of the recorder. The data may be too large and the
transmission cannot keep up, resulting in playback. Not smooth.

Computer camera function:

Please install the driver before the first application as a
computer camera. The driver is named SPCA1528_V2220_M … Setup.exe,

In the off or on state, connect the machine to the computer
with a USB cable. The state is U disk mode. Short press the MODE button to
switch to the computer camera mode. Click the AMCAP icon to use the computer


When the machine does not work normally due to illegal
operation or other unknown reasons, the product needs to be reset.

The specific operation method is: use a thin rod (toothpick) to
directly press the reset button (Reset), and then a reset operation can be