DAB002 DAB Digital Radio Receiver FM Tuner Radio Car Bluetooth 4.2 Transmitter Adapter FM DAV/DAB Tuner Broadcasting


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Overview and Specifications:

1, The product is a universal car DAB plug receiver, put it in the cigarette lighter interface, the sound through the FM launch to the car radio, easy to install, plug and play, you can immediately upgrade the original car audio.
2, Gives crystal clear DAB reception through an existing audio system. Display program type, real -time auto clock, channel name and radio text so that you can tell what is going on.
3, Simply plug in the cigarette lighter and scan for available DAB channels (dependent on your area) Unit will even scan for free FM space and give you the best available channel to FM transmit over.
4, With an extension DAB aerial for improved reception with suction windscreen mount. Once set up either use the cable provided or high quality FM transmit to get playback through cars audio system.
5, The wide frequency bandwidth is great to offer multiple channels to you, making it so convenient and easy to get access to your favorite programs.
6, Comes with powered USB connection and unit adaptors to charge for iPad /iPhone/iPod/ Android phone.