Dayspirit High Quality 1 to 3 LAN Ethernet Plug Network RJ45 Plug Splitter Extender Adapter Connector


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Overview and Specifications:

1. Using 8-pin gold-plated core to ensure transmission of signals.
2. PCB board was embedded conduction circuit to avoid damage to the conductor.
3. Can shield the external electromagnetic signal interference to prevent damage to the internet signal.
4. Three network cables can be connected into a longer cable through this splitter.
5. Allows a laptop to access Ethernet in different rooms, without having to pull the cable from other room to the room to connect to this computer
6. You run one Ethernet cord from the wall to the splitter cable, one from the splitter to one computer(or laptop, and one from the splitter to other computer (or laptop). 
Please NOTE: This Ethernet splitter allows three computers to share one Ethernet line one at a time, but it doesn't support three computers to connect onto the internet simultaneously.