Detangling Brush Octopus Shape Style Round Comb Needle Eight Rows Of Comb Teeth Hollow Comb Body Curved Comb Body


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Model Number : 2-generation eight-claw comb
Material : Other
Size : 120 pieces

1. The
high-quality plastic needle combs the teeth, and the hair is smoother without
blocking, and it also has the effect of massaging the scalp.

2. Octopus-shaped
comb teeth, spring back when combing has a comfortable enjoyment for the scalp.

3. The curved
comb body fits the scalp better and makes the scalp more comfortable.

4. Hollow comb
body design, more elastic and quick drying/styling.

5. The
professional non-slip design handle makes it easier to use.

Detangling Brush

Product size:
length 24.50cm, width 5.5cm, height 4cm

Product weight:

Product material:
rubber material

Product features:
octopus shape style