DIEBA Automatic Powerful Energy-efficient Hand Dryer Quiet Hand Drying Machine With Cold And Hot Air Settings White/US


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Model Number: DB-2000 Sensor: Yes
Voltage (V): 220V Power (W): Other

Product features and description:

1. Automated operation When the hands reach into the air
outlet, the warm air will be sent out automatically.

2. Power saving design When leaving the sensing range, the
machine will automatically stop working, saving energy effectively.

3. Built-in high temperature protection When the infrared
induction is blocked for a long time or the fan fails, the protection device
will automatically stop working when the built-in temperature rises.

4. Unique appearance Use more freely to prevent the
accumulation of ash layer and water droplets away from the wall, so that your
hands stretch more comfortable.

5. High power and low noise 54 decibel noise and 1800W high
power are unmatched by ordinary hand dryers.

Frequency: 50HZ

Voltage: 220V

Delay: 5sec

Power: 1800W

Sensing distance: 5-20CM

Size: 240*240*230mm

Waterproof protection: IPX1