Direct USB High-Definition Video Image 1 Channel Capture Card Monitor Video Capture Card Single USB Capture Card + Video Black


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Overview and Specifications:

◎ Support USB2.0, no need to open the chassis, support hot swap, support laptop ◎ Adjust the screen size, the highest resolution can reach 720×576, 24-bit true color ◎ The latest technology USB AUDIO, stereo input and output ◎ image brightness, Contrast, saturation, and chromaticity can be customized ◎ Capture high-quality dynamic and static images, smooth and uninterrupted collection. ◎ Input interface with AV and S terminals, can watch videos, VCD, DVD, camera on desktop or laptop Video images output by other devices ◎ Supports various real-time compression formats such as MPEG1/2, convenient for making VCD/SVCD/DVD ◎ Compatible with WINDOW2000/XP/, compatible with Direct8.1, 9.0