Diving Flashlight L2 Magnetic Control Glare Stepless Dimming Outdoor Lighting – Black


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Overview and Specifications:

XML L2 lamp beads three
Light color: white
Applicable battery: 2 18650 batteries
Output voltage: 8.4V Max.
Switching mode: front and rear push button switch
Switch position: front part of the barrel
Circuit: constant current drive
Brightness: Large output brightness is 3000 lumens
Material: aluminum alloy
Lens: tempered glass
Light Cup: Aluminum Orange Light Cup
Features: metal reflector cup, uniform spot, high temperature resistance, sustainable use of brightness
High, waterproof (with rubber ring, waterproof design), can be used to dive to 50 meters
Under, the non-general flashlight can compare!
Uses: night riding, hiking, camping, survival, hiking, etc.