DIY Colorful Cat Diamond Painting, Full Drill Magic Round Resin Rhinestone Animal Decorative Wall Painting Picture


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Type : Mixed Media
Subjects : Animal
Frame mode : Unframed
Material : Canvas
Style : Abstract
Frame : No
Medium : Other
Support Base : Canvas
Form : Flat
Technics : Hand Painted
Model Number : No
Shape : Vertical Rectangle
Original : Yes


Product Name: Diamond Painting
Diamond shape: Round
Tools: Pens, Tweezers, Plates, Mastic
Sticky drilling area: All Drill [Full Drill]
Framework: do not contain a framework
NOTE: Unfinished, need to done by hand.


1. The diamond has a perfect fit of 13 cuts and 9 cuts, making the picture dazzling.
2. Use the popular 11CT to accurately draw a more refined diamond painting.
3.470 kinds of colors to create gorgeous and realistic visual effects.
4. Adopting special rubber sole to strongly absorb diamonds to ensure that the embroidery will shine forever
5. The intimate design of full-color printing and partition mosaic is more convenient for operation.
6. High quality diamond painting.
7. Please ensure that each diamond will not be wasted and will not be lost. That’s enough to paint full of the picture.
8. The number of diamonds is around to be 20% more, and the number of diamonds is more than enough.
9. Check that the screen symbol is clearly visible and it is easy to distinguish the screen symbol. You will not be blind.
10. The screen is strong and will not lose its viscosity when stored for a long time.
11. The glue is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and odorless.