DRS200 Contemporary Brass Chrome Wall Mounted Rain Shower Handshower Faucet with Constant Temperature Digital Display


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Overview and Specifications:

1. According to the base size of embedded box, using dedicated instrument open a hole on the solid wall. Depth of the hole as the picture. You should consider when finish the operation finally and the distance of the perforated bottom between 40- 45mm
2. According to the single function embedded box connect pipe line, pay attention to the up and down, left and right direction, The left connect hot water pipe, The right connect cold water pipe line. The upper connect mixed water outlet water pipe line.
3. Open the water source so that test left and right water inlet pipe line. Whether the connection is leaking, when finish the water pipe, adjust flow switch staying on open state, in order to test whether the connection of mixed water pipe closely and no any leaking. Simultaneously protect water function. According to the embedded box install into the solid wall, It will be fixed firmly by the screw.
4. Using parallel ruler calibrate horizontal and vertical direction. To make the embedded box into horizontal level as much as possible. 90°to the wall. If it failed to calibration will be effect the installation result of the control valve panel.
5. Plz confirm the pipe connection correct again, Water testing no leaking, When finish the other accessories installation, Using packing fixed the embedded box and pipeline, Thus far, the embedded box of solid wall installation is complete, After finish laying metope, installing the control valve smoothly.
6. Laying metope ceramic tile or using other decorate the wall surface, keep the wall flat. And 90° vertical with the embedded box, making the embedded box locate in the middle of the single ceramic. Sealing glass glue along embedded nose ledge, to improve water-proof function of the embedded box
7. Using cutting tool cut off embedded ledge, It’s better to keep away 2-4mm from the wall height, Remove the embedded box cover and the water testing accessories.
8. Install the switch handle, using packaged small hexagon wrench clockwise fix the switch handle on the control valve core, sealing with decorate glue.

> Comes with all necessary accessories for installation.
> Featured with durable ceramic valves ensuring there are no water leaks.
> Available to work more than 600,000 times at a water temperature of 90 degrees.
> High quality material and finishing tested at a high water pressure of 1.6Mpa.