Electric Air Compressor Tire Inflator Cordless Handheld Air Pump With Power Display And Detachable Rechargeable Battery


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Model Name : ZJX-8008
Item Length : 22CM
Item Width : 8CM
Item Height : 14CM
Item Weight : 1300G
Item Diameter :
Material Type : ABS
Voltage : DC12V
Plug Type : EU


Unlike conventional tire inflator air pumps, the air pump is cordless and portable. With LED lights, it provides the best solution for your night emergency. Put a tire in your car and you can inflate the car tires anytime, anywhere.


1. 1 Minute Fast Air Inflation – With a digital display, this air pump can set tire pressure in advance. It will stop automatically after filling with air.

2. Not afraid of night emergency – Equipped with LED light,this mini tire pump can not only inflate air for your tire,but also illuminate for you. No need to worry the flat tire occurs when driving halfway at night.

3. Three air faucets meet all your needs – Three different air faucets are replaceable for various occasions’ air pump up. Available to inflate tires, balloon, swim ring, basketball, football, vacuum bag, etc.


● Automatic inflation: When the preset tire pressure is reached, the pump will automatically close

● Applicable to car/motorcycle/bicycle tires, basketball, football, swimming ring, air cushion, inflatable toys, etc.

● Can display four units: KPA, BAR, PSI, kg / cm2 (KGF)

● The maximum pressure that can be set is 10.3 BAR, 995 KPA, 10.5kg /cm2, 150 PSI

● Built-in battery: 2200mAh

● Product power: 120W

● Air pressure flow: 25L / min

● Material: ABS