Electric Blackhead Remover Facial Pore Cleaner With 3 Levels 5 Attachment Heads


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Material : Plastic
False Eyelash Craft : Machine Made
Model Number : Hailicare
Type : Other
Size : 6h
Place of Origin : china
Standard Voltage : 220V
Power Source : EU,US
Power Source : Rechargeable Battery
Function : Dead Skin Removal,Facial Clean,Galvanic Ion +/-,Skin Tightening,Skin Rejuvenation

Main Features

The electric blackhead remover has strong suction to remove grease, dirt, makeup residue. 

It features 5 attachment heads and 3 levels to fit with different contour and facial problems.

Cordless and rechargeable design for maximum movement, you can take it with you wherever you go. 


The traditional way of removing blackheads can only remove the
surface. The blackhead cleaner uses a physical blackhead suction, vacuum
negative pressure, which can be deeply cleaned without hurting the skin

Three-speed speed regulation, physical blackhead, beauty head
conversion, USB charging (wireless use)

Equipped with five beauty cleansing tips: oval hole tips, small
round hole tips, large round hole tips, microcrystalline tips, suitable for all
skin conditions. Choose nozzles of different sizes to fit different areas of the
face. Your professional spa home skincare tool.

1. Elliptical hole tip-firm and reduce fine lines.

2. Small round hole suction head-suction head, blackheads,
acne, suitable for fragile skin.

3. Microcrystalline tip-exfoliating. Peel off.

4. Big round hole suction head-easily suck blackheads, lift and
firm, shape the face.

5. Long mouth small hole head suction head-remove blackheads,
it has weaker suction, suitable for sensitive skin

Choose the tip that suits your needs, and adjust the gear from
low to high. Find a gear that suits you, and slowly move the instrument from top
to bottom when in contact with the skin. Do not pull the skin forcefully, and do
not stay for more than 2 seconds (such as the skin is prone to red and purple if
the stay is too long).

Functions: A, facial peeling and exfoliating function, B, deep
cleansing function, C, lifting and firming function, etc.


A. Facial microdermabrasion and exfoliation

1. Put on a microdermabrasion head or a large round hole beauty

2.Clean and dry facial skin

3. Starting from the lower jaw, moving the beauty instrument
from bottom to top

4. Place the beauty instrument on the cheek and move it from
the inside to the outside

5. Place the beauty instrument on the forehead and move it from
the middle to the sides

6. Place the beauty instrument in the T area and move it from
bottom to top

7.The above steps 3 to 6 can adjust the gear of the machine as

B. Deep cleansing function

1. Put on small round hole beauty head

2. Point the small round hole at the acne or blackhead area for
care, and adjust the gear of the machine as needed

C. Lifting and tightening function

1. Put on the oval-shaped beauty head

2. Hold the machine in the corners of the eyes, nose, mouth and
other areas for care, and adjust the gear of the machine as needed

Tips: Please operate on the back of your hand before using it
on your face. Move it from top to bottom during use, do not stay in one part, it
will cause red and purple.

Hot water cleansing

2.Hot water to open pores (5 minutes, temperature 35-40)

3. Apply [Blackhead Derived Liquid] and start to suck, you
can’t wait for it to dry.

4. Massage and clean with cold water for a while after
suctioning the cleansed face. After the treatment, wash your face with cold
water or apply a refrigerated mask to shrink the pores. Afterwards, apply pores
and shrink water or essence.

6.Recommendation: Better operation after bath