Electric Low Pressure Mortise Lock For Framed Glass Door, Access Control Power Lock Silver


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Model Number: XG-Y602

1: Two-core high-end delay electric plug lock ultra-low

2: With the finger pull switch adjustment delay time (0
seconds, 3 seconds, 6 seconds seconds)

3: The electric lock adopts the working mode of power-on
locking and power-off unlocking. The working voltage of the electric lock is
DC12V. There is also a third gear inside the electric lock, and the lock delay
time can be selected to prevent the door from being closed and the lock tongue
has been ejected.

Working voltage: DC12V 0.8AMP (with back protection)

Red: positive (+)

Black: negative (-)

Working current: start 1100mA / continuous state 200mA

Coil type: continuous working type

Power off unlock: all models

Lock delay: adjustable (0, 3, 6 seconds)

Power failure protection: power lock, power off and unlock

Lock cylinder: 15.5MM stainless steel lock cylinder. Popup
length 15MM

Installation opening size: 202MM (length) × 35MM (width) (the
depth of the pit can not be less than 43MM)

Decorative panel size: 210MM (length) × 42MM (width) × 0.8MM

Panel size: 202MM (length) × 34MM (width) × 3MM (thickness)

Weight: 0.9KG

Scope of application: Especially suitable for 180-open glass
doors, wooden doors, security doors.