Electric Toothbrush For Adults Electronic Tooth Brush With 3 Intensity Levels 5 Modes 2min Timer


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Commodity Quality Certification : CE
Age Group : Adults
Model Number : Z1
Material : Dupont soft fur
Size : 25*2.2*2
Quantity : 1
Type : Acoustic Wave

This electronic toothbrush is designed to help you remove plaque with powerful vibiration(about 31000 time per min). It also provide you with personalized cleaning mode to meet different need and protect your oral health. When you are done with brushing your teeth, just wash it under running water. It is IPX7 rated whole-body waterproof which will withstand water splash from going inside.
31000 times of vibration
It delivers up to 31000 times of vibration, transfer the energy to the bristle tip and help remove plaque completely and quickly.
3 intensity levels and 5 modes
It features 3 different intensity levels, high/mid/low, and 5 cleaning mode, Clean, Mild, Whitening, Massage, Soft(for sensitve teeth).
Smart electronic toothbrush
It features 2min timer and 30s reminder to best guide you clean all the area of your mouth.
High capacity 3000mAh battery for up to 180 days standby time. 

IPX7 rated waterproof for easy cleanup.

You will receive 1 x handle and 5 x brush heads.