ENCHEN Electric Hair Clipper Sharp Fast Charging Hair Cutting Machine Low Noise


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Commodity Quality Certification : CE
Model Number : Sharp 3S
Material : ABS + stainless steel
Size : 45*180mm

ENCHEN Barber Electric Hair Clipper Professional Hair Trimmer For Men Cordless Trimmer Beard Cutting Machine Hair Cut Razor


Powerful Power Of 7,300 RPM

● Equipped with a silver-palladium alloy 300 motor, with a powerful power of 7,300 rpm and an ESM intelligent anti-card system, which brings an extremely smooth experience. Easily cope with a variety of hair and cut hair faster.
Alloy Cutter Head, Not Blunt After Long Use
● High abrasive resistance, high strength, easy to cut the copper wire, the cutter head will be automatically grind, don’t worry about making the cutter head blunt due to prolonged use.
R-Shaped Fillet Processing
● Ensure the safety and comfort of the haircutting process safe contact with the cutting head at any angle, no danger
20-Segment Rotation Adjustment Length
● Wses a knob-type positioning comb design, which can lock the haircut length range of 1-20mm, just a light turn when changing the length, no need to change the positioning comb frequently, adjust the desired length of the haircut, and just push the clipper.
ESM Smart Card Prevention Hair. Double Energy Efficiency
● ESM keeps high speed when low battery, Anti-card hair. Multiple protection will be activated during charging to prolong battery life, ensure charging safety, accurately display remaining battery status.


● 20-Segment Rotation Adjustment
● Powerful 7300 RPM
● Can Use For Shaven Head

Model: Sharp3S
Color: Black
Weight: 400g
Size: 45 x 180mm
Charging Time: 1.5-2h