ESAMACT DIY Acrylic Robot Arm Robot Claw Arduino kit 4DOF Toys Mechanical Grab Manipulator DIY


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Overview and Specifications:

About control:

Control is also very simple, with four knobs to control the movement of each potentiometer. After connecting to the computer with USB, you can send commands through the serial port to control the movement of the servo. At the same time compatible with other computer control software, also supports their own write procedures, the implementation of fixed repetitive action. Package list:1,black acrylic cutting 1 set 2,9g  servo 4 pcs 3, Arduino UNO 1 pcs 4, Arduino extension board  1 pcs(need weld) 5. screw some Hardware connection principle: 

Potentiometer expansion board ———- arduino port 
Control 1 ——— A0 
Control 2 ——— A1 
Control 3 ——— A2 
Control 4 ——— A3 


Servo 1 ——— D11 
Servo 2 ——— D10 
Servo 3 ——— D9 
Servo 4 ——— D6