F66 Portable Folding Bluetooth Keyboard BT Wireless Foldable Touchpad Keypad for IOS/Android/Windows ipad Tablet


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Type : Bluetooth Wireless
Application : Tablet
Keyboard Standard : Tablet Keyboard
Language : English
Operation Style : Capacitive
Model Number : F66
Interface Type : Bluetooth
Style : Ergonomics,Folding,Waterproof,Mini,For Tablet
Wrist Support : No
Package : Yes
Full Size keyboard : No
Axis Body Brand : no

Color: Tyrant gold, metallic silver (optional)
Main materials: aluminum alloy, ABS plastic, silicone
Number of keys: 66 keys
Bluetooth chip and version: Broadcom chip Bluetooth 3.0
Power supply: Built-in high-capacity 120 mA rechargeable lithium polymer battery
Working voltage: 3.0~3.7V
Button life times: 50 million
Effective use distance: 10 meters

System Support:

Support all Apple iOS system, Android system, windows system, universal bluetooth keyboard, suitable for most smart phones and smart tablets.

Bluetooth connection method:
1. Turn on the power switch, open (unfold) the foldable keyboard and the power is turned on. After the power is turned on normally, the blue indicator light will be on (it will automatically go out after about 3 seconds).
2. After turning on the power, press the Fn+c Bluetooth pairing switch. After the Bluetooth is turned on, the indicator light will show a blue light flashing, which means that the Bluetooth can be paired and connected normally.
3. After the keyboard Bluetooth is turned on, the next step is to turn on the Bluetooth on the machine (usually in the settings). After the machine’s Bluetooth is turned on, search for the Bluetooth of the Bluetooth keyboard (usually bluetooth Keyboard will be displayed in English) and then click Connect to connect ( There is no need to enter the pairing password. If the connection is successful, the machine will display connected, indicating that the connection is successful and the Bluetooth keyboard can be used.)