Favorite LAIX B006.2 new multifunctional tactical pen tungsten steel pen self-defense pen


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Overview and Specifications:

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Model Number : LAIX B006.2


1. Favorite LAIX tactical defense pen, made of aviation aluminum, type III anodizing.
2. Not only provide you with a high-performance writing tool and stunning use experience, but also your personal bodyguard in times of crisis.
3. The grip is designed with a diamond thread. When gripping, the thumb presses the top of the pen holder. The grip is firmer, and it is not easy to take off.
4. The sturdy attack defense head can defend itself, effectively injure criminals, and can be used as a glass breaker. It can quickly escape in case of emergency when driving.
5. Pen clip: Ergonomic design, easy to wear backpacks, inner bags, notebooks, military aluminum material, moderate elasticity, not easy to fall off.
6. At the same time, it is a smooth business pen. The line design of the nib is round, comfortable and stable.
7, multi-function, equipped with engraving knife, precise capacitive touch screen nib, high hardness tungsten pen tip, smooth writing signature pen. Multiple functions in one stroke, self-defense, correct writing!