FX01 Mini Camera HD 1080P Night Vision Camcorder Cam Video Recorder Infrared Sport Digital Camera TF Updated


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Main Processor ( Maximum HD Support) : SPCA1521 (720P/30FPS)
Image Sensor : SONY IMX179 (1/3.2” 8 MP)
Effective MegaPixel : About 2MP
Package : Yes
Built-in Memory Size : Non
Memory Card Type : MicroSD / TF
Image Stabilization : Optical Image Stabilizer
Model Number : FX01
Touch Screen : No
NightShot Function : Yes
Screen Size : Without Screen
Weight : 100g and below
Remote Control Support : No
Volume : 24*24*24mm
Battery Capacity : 160MA
WIFI Support : No
Memory Card Support : 32G
Wideangle : 140°
HDMI Output : Yes
Waterproof : No
Display Screen : No
Maximum Aperture : F 2.0
Bluetooth Support : No
NFC Support : No
Sensor Size (inches) : 1/2.84
Additional Function : Nightshot
Application : Outdoor Sport Activities

1.On/Off Button  2. Reset button 3. Infrared night vision light

4. Indicator  5. HD camera  6. Micro TF card slot  7.USB Port


. High quality image HD FULL HD1080P DV DC

. Imported HD lens

. Compact form factor, portable handheld DV DC

. High-definition video recording in low light

. The video format is: 1920*1080P

. Photo mode is: 12M (4032*3024)

. Motion detection recording: 1080P

. USB interface for high speed transmission

. Supports up to 64G T-flash card

. Built-in lithium battery for up to 60 minutes

Operation guide


This camera has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery. When using the unit for the first time, please charge it first. You can charge it in the following ways.

Connect the computer to charge and connect to the computer using USB cable.

The red light flashes when the power is on, and the red light is long after the battery is fully charged.


1. When the battery is low, when the TF card is recorded, the DV red and blue lights will flash off for 5 seconds and then directly shut down to enter the protection state, save the file and automatically shut down. At this time, please charge the unit.

2.There is no card at boot, and the red and blue lights are automatically turned off at the same time for 5 seconds.

3.After the power on, there is no working mode in standby mode, and it will automatically shut down in 1 minute. Recording while charging, you can record or charge (external USB 5V charger or charging treasure)

1080P video does not flash

Click the button to turn on the key for three seconds, the blue light is on, enter the camera and video standby mode, press and hold the blue light for 3 seconds to stop recording. During the video recording, press the key once to pause the video and return to standby State, press and hold again for about 2 seconds, the blue light flashes three times to stop recording, the video file is automatically segmented every 5 minutes, and the loop is overwritten.

Photographed 12 million

In the power-on standby mode, each time you press the key, the blue light flashes to take a picture, and the camera resolution: 4032*3024 is automatically saved.

Infrared light on and off

This product will automatically recognize the light and turn on the night vision recording function during the recording process. When the light is dark, the night vision light will automatically turn on and enter the night vision video.

Motion Detection

In the power-on standby mode, the button is pressed twice in succession for a short time, and the blue light is turned on and the red light flashes three times to enter the motion detection recording standby mode. After detecting the movement of the object, the red and blue lights flash simultaneously to enter the movement. After detecting the video, if there is no object moving after three minutes, it will enter the motion detection standby mode again. When the detected object moves, the motion detection function will be turned on again. The motion detection video file will be saved every 3 minutes, and the loop will be covered until it is over. No electricity. (Press the key to exit the motion detection mode)

Recording while charging:

After the machine is plugged into the TF card, the external 5V power supply or charging treasure, the red light flashing is charging, short press the key blue light long light, long press the open key for about two seconds, the blue light flashes three times to enter the side charge recording. The video files recorded while charging are automatically saved every 5 minutes, and the loop is overwritten. You can also click the on button to pause the recording and automatically switch to the charging mode without operating for one minute.


The machine crashes, the button is invalid, and it cannot be used normally. You can use a sharp object to insert the reset hole and press the reset button to reset. After reset, it can be used normally.


In the stop (recording, photographing, motion detection) function mode, you need to turn off the machine, long press the switch button for about 5 seconds until the red light is on and the dual light is off to complete the shutdown. The standby mode will automatically shut down without any operation for one minute.

Modify settings at your own time

After the machine is powered on, a TXT text file will be automatically created in the root directory of the TF card. The computer will be connected to the computer with the data cable. After the TIMEREST.txt text file is opened on the removable disk, the time required to edit it in the original format will be saved. The video file recorded again will be the modified time. You don’t need a time watermark to change the “Y” after the time format to “N”, as follows:

1:20180101102526Y (with time watermark)

2:20180101102526N (no time watermark)


a. Please make sure that the TF card is inserted in the product. If the card is not plugged in, the red and blue lights will flash for five seconds and then automatically shut down.

b. In a well-lit environment, aim the lens at the subject and keep a distance of 50 cm or more from the subject. This will result in an image with correct color, natural scenery, clear picture and stable picture.

Connect to a computer:

In the boot, standby, shutdown state, you can directly connect to the computer, can be used as a USB flash drive after connecting to the computer, free to copy files, cut and paste, delete, format U disk.

Insert the unit into the USB port of the computer. After a few seconds, the computer will pop up the removable disk identifier. The blue light indicator lights up to identify the USB device for data transmission. The red indicator light flashes for charging. The long red light indicates that it is fully charged.

a. If the computer is not recognized after connecting the computer, or The removable disk ID has not been ejected after 30 seconds, please reset e-plug once.

b. It is recommended to use the TF card reader to directly read the video file for playback, and directly play the video file saved in the built-in memory of the recorder through the USB connection. The data may be too large and the transmission cannot keep up, which may cause playback. Not smooth.

Related parameters

Project related parameters

Video format :AVI

Video encoding :M-JPEG

Video resolution :1920*1080P

Video frame rate: 30fps

Playback software:Operating system comes with or mainstream audio and video playback software

Picture format: JPG

Image ratio :4:3

Support system :Window xp/7/10/vista; Mac os; Linux

Battery capacity :160MAh

Working time :about 60 minutes

Charging voltage :DC-5V

Interface Type :MICRO USB

Storage support: TF card

Infrared night vision range: 3-5 meters

Battery Type: Polymer Battery


Please charge immediately after each use. The red light will flash when charging, and the red light will be on after full charge.

Because this product is a true HD high-definition DV, the power consumption current of the product is larger than normal, and it may be normal for the product to have a hot state during use.


Use occasions: Please strictly abide by the relevant laws of the country, and do not use this product for any illegal purposes, otherwise you will be responsible for the consequences.

Working temperature: Please use at natural temperature, do not work at temperatures that the human body cannot adapt.

Operating humidity: Do not place the product in a damp working environment. The product is not waterproof. Please avoid letting the product get drenched or exposed to rain.