G1/2inch DN15 Transparent Water Flow Meter with Hall Flow Sensor Indicator


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Accessory Type : Extension Board
Compatible With : Arduino


Appearance: clear product identification, accurate compliance

Water pressure resistance: > 1.2MPa

Operating voltage range: DC5 ~ 15V

Insulation resistance: > 100MΩ

Accuracy: (1 ~ 30L MIN) ± 10%

Flow pulse characteristics: (6* Q) Q = L / Min ± 3%

High pulse output:> DC 4.7V (input voltage DC 5V)

Output pulse low:

Output pulse duty cycle: 50% ± 10%

External Threads: Approx. 1/2″

Cord Connection:

Red (IN): Positive(+)

Yellow (OUT): Signal output

Black (GND): Negative(-)


1. Non-violent Shock And Chemical Erosion.

2. Non-throwing Or Hitting.

3. Mounted Vertically, Should Not Exceed 5 Degrees Inclination.

4. Temperature Of Medium Should Not Exceed 120 ℃