Gan 356RS Master Puzzle Magic Speed Cube 3x3x3 Professional Gans Cubo Magico Gan356 Toys For Kids


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Material : Plastic
Type : Puzzle Cube
Order Number : 3x3x3
Age Range : > 3 years old
Warning : Avoid swallowing
Model Number : 356RS


1. Grooved track design

Inherited and evolved from GAN357’s anti-sticky design, the smaller contact surface reduces the static friction so that the cube won’t become sticky after a period of usage. High precision moulding allows the grooves to match perfectly for maximum smoothness and speed.

2. Hidden seam design

Seams and parting lines are hidden from the contact surface, the cube is extremely smooth in brand new condition withou modding or breaking in. There are also no seams or parting line on the exterior of the cube, the cube has a great outward appearance. The seams on the edge pieces matches with the grooves on the corner pieces, it is not under contact when the cube is turned.

3. Srews joint

The joint mechanism on GAN356 is evolved from GAN2 in 2011, edge and corner pieces are all fixed by screws to ensure a strong attachment.
Arc center cover
With acurved cutting design, solves the caton problem about GAN356 manipulation is not accurate, help you quickly brush record

4. IPG V2

Iron-Plastic Ganscore V2. This patented core design was first launched with GAN357 in 2013. Compared to traditional cores, it’s designed initially to address the problem of a non-vertical fit-in of the center piece into the core, which is often observed on traditional cores. After several improvements, the latest IPG V2 has become a lighter, stronger and finer core, which can not only ensure the biggest level of verticality but also easy assembly.