GIYO GS-02D Bicycle Pump Portable Aluminum 179mm Large Needle Display Air Pressure Trim Valve Standard Mouthpiece Interface


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Material : Aluminum
Size : 179mm

1. The air
pressure micro release button, press it once to release 2-3PSI, and easily
adjust the air pressure value you want.

2. The inflatable
connecting pipe and the air nozzle can be rotated at will, and it is very
convenient to operate at multiple angles.

3. High pressure
of 300PSI, large needle display, to meet the needs of riding.

4. Standard mouthpiece

Brand: GIYO

Model: GS-02D

Weight: about 210g

Size: about 179mm

aluminum alloy and rubber

Purpose: Air
fork/shock absorber