Gua Sha Scraping Massage Tool for Back, Neck, Soft Tissue Physical Therapy Massager


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Overview and Specifications:

The ideal and effective remedy for your daily aches and pains, and chronic ailments. vacuum point massage, By vacuum point massage the skin surface to produce petechiae, you are relieved from pain and enable your body to detoxify itself at the same time.
A simple and efficient technique, with immediate, direct and effective results.
Negative pressure booster: aerobic exercise on the skin and fat tissue upward.Enhance the function of lymphatic detoxification and blood circulation, eliminate toxins through lymphatic circulation and scraping.
Through the heat effect, it makes the collagen of the dermis proliferate and continuously calorie, so that the nerve is relaxed and the pressure is released.
Magnetic wave therapy promotes inflammation and subsidise, eliminating inflammation swelling and pain.
Eliminate fatigue and promote physical recovery.
Negative pressure gravity:
A: Upward aerobic exercise for skin and adipose tissue.
B. Enhances lymphatic drainage and blood circulation.
C. Excrete toxins through the lymphatic circulation.
D. scraping effect.

Thermal energy:
A. The dermis collagen proliferates through thermal effects.
B. Continuous heat, so that the nerves relax, pressure release.

Magnetic Wave Therapy:
A. Promotes inflammation to subside and eliminates inflammation, swelling, and pain.
B. Eliminate fatigue and promote physical recovery