H15 LED Car Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit 9V-36V 40W 7200LM 6500K White COB Chip For Car Headlight Fog Light – 2 Pack


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Overview and Specifications:


LED chip: Using a specially designed CSP
chip to provide better light, straight and concentrated light, in addition,
anti-glare design is adopted

Lifespan: gt, 30,000 hours

Beam angle: 360 degrees

Power: L / 20W, H / 20W, total of both 40W

Color temperature: 6500K

Lumens: L / 3600LM, H / 3600LM, total of
both 7200LM

Drive: external

Single lamp size: 7.5cm * 3.5cm

Working voltage: DC 9-36V

Operating temperature: -40degC~ + 85degC

Heat dissipation design: integrates
aviation aluminum 6063 high temperature radiation heat conduction and 12000RPM
fan cooling system

Waterproof level: IP67

Applicable models: Suitable for 99% models,
not for special models

Uses: headlights, fog lights

Warm Tips:

This price is for 2 LED headlights.

Generally the actual power is 80% ~ 90% of
the theoretical power, which is normal.

Easy Installation:

All aluminum materials and design make it
easy to install.

Direct replacement within 20 minutes of
plug-and-play. No extra work is required.

Socket Connector: 360° stable metal socket
with adjustable light

Plug-in Type:

H4 / H13 / 9004 (HB1) / 9007:

Hi-Lo beam (30W / high beam, 30W / low

H1 / H3 / H7 / H8 / H9 / H11 / 9006 (HB4) /
9005 (HB3) / 9012 / H27 (880) / H27 (881)

Single beam (60W / set, 30W / bulb)

No error and strobe problems,

No worry about being disturbed by radio,

Light up in less than 0.1 second without

What is color temperature?

Color temperature is a method of describing
the appearance of light provided by a light bulb (lamp). It is in degrees
Kelvin (K) and scales from 1000k to 10000K.

What is lumens?

Lumen measurement measures how much light
you get from a light bulb. The more you know, the brighter your light will be.

The package includes:

2 x LED light