Hair Clipper Low Noise USB Charging Suspended Support Design Round R-shaped Antenna Design Durable Steel Cutter Head


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Power Type : Rechargeable/Electric Both Work
Voltage : Global Universal(100-240V)
Blade Material : Carbon Steel
Charging Time : 2h
Usage Time : 160Mins
Target Audience : Universal

1. High-speed pure copper motor,
strong power, smooth hair clippers, no blocking hair, suitable for various hair

2. Low-frequency vibration
effectively reduces unnecessary noise and gives you a comfortable haircut

3. The hanging bracket does not
block the line of sight when cutting hair, the broken hair is not overstocked
and easy to clean up, and it does not affect the line of sight, and at the same
time, it can better block the slender broken hair from entering the motor.

4. The cutter head has a
high-density layout, a short tooth pitch, and a round R-shaped antennae design
that does not hurt the scalp, stays about 0.1mm in length, and is sharp and

Battery: 2000mA

Voltage: 220V

Net weight: 334g

Charging time: 3 hours

Use time: 5 hours

Style: Ice and Fire Skull/White Head

Charging method: USB charging