Halloween Tattoo Stickers Simulation Temporary Wound Scar Blood Suture Injury Decorate Waterproof


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Description
Size: 10.5*6CM Model Number: hc174

1: cool tattoo stickers, ultra-real waterproof tattoo stickers, sexy temptation, suitable for men and women

2: You can stick it on your neck and arms. Waist, chest, stick to any position you like, you can also cover scars for you

3: The sticker is waterproof and sweatproof but not anti-friction. The position with less friction is more durable.

[Hold time] 2-3 days for hands 3-5 days for legs
Stickers are waterproof and sweat-proof but not anti-friction. The position of less friction is more durable. Everyone\'s skin quality is different. Keeping time is different for everyone. Size: Manual measurement Allows certain errors! About the color difference: shooting under natural light Inevitably there is a certain color difference!

How to use:
1. Please clean and dry the tattoo area first.
2. Cut and remove the selected pattern.
3. Put the tattoo sticker on the skin.
4. Wipe the sponge with a damp cloth [Tattoo Sticker] until it is completely wet.
5. Lift the [Tattoo Sticker] from the corner to see if the pattern is completely printed on the skin. If no, please repeat procedures 3 and 4.
6. If the [Tattoo Sticker] pattern is printed correctly, it can be maintained for several days.
How to clean [tattoo stickers]:
Wipe with a body lotion or BB oil until it is completely gone or use alcohol to remove the tattoo pattern. Special Note: Tattoo stickers are a decorative fashion craft sticker. Not permanent. Just stay for a few days. Don\'t be a tattoo concept! Hold the time for about 3 to 5 days. Can\'t resist the friction. Scratch. Wash and take a shower. Don\'t shoot, don\'t shoot! ! !