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Overview and Specifications:

Pure brass keychain, brass material, sturdy, simple, practical and easy to carry. We are always looking for multi-function, all kinds of modeling keychain, but often overlook the question: keychain in the end is used to do? In fact, just used to carry the key, it's that simple!

Simple design concept, refined personality modeling, exquisite workmanship, combined with the brass material, give a shine!

[Name] handmade round brass keychain
[Material] H65 high-quality brass
[Size] The outer diameter of about 34mm, diameter 4mm
[Net weight] 28g

[Process] oval key to wear hand-made, polished surface.

Pure brass hand-made, polished carefully. No plating and other surface treatment, retaining the original brass texture. Due to the characteristics of copper, with the use of time, the surface will gradually oxidized, forming a unique retro charm, it is worth thin to play.

With the use of copper products will be gradually natural oxidation, the color will gradually darken, according to the daily use of personal will form a unique retro flavor, which is the fun of copper. If you do not like retro oxidation Fan, available a little toothpaste with water repeatedly wipe, to a certain extent, restore the original original color.