HDMI HD Splitter Hdmi One Minute Two 4K1 out 2HDMI Splitter One Point Two 4K*2K 3D


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Overview and Specifications:

Features & Advantages:
1. With signal buffering and amplification capability
2, it can realize long-distance transmission (expansion) of more than 15 meters by means of serial connection.
3. By stacking method, the number of HDMI output ports can be significantly improved.
4. Support high-definition video, high quality, clear, Up to 1080p HDTV resolution
5, easy to connect to multi-channel audio receiving device
6, support HDMI 1.3, support 3D support CEC compatible HDCP1.2
7, quick installation, simple operation
8, the vertical pixel of the output image reaches 1080 line, Compatible with HDMI1.3 standard compatible