High Power 3 Fan GPS L1 L2 L5 Desktop 8 Antenna Mobile Phone Jammer


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Overview and Specifications:

High Power GPS L1 L2 L5 Desktop 8 Antenna Mobile Phone  Jammer have great output power and good heat dissipation performance. 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, no fever, no power reduction phenomenon.            
It can shield the signals of CDMA800, GSM900, DCS1800  3G (UMTS) 4G700 and WIFI 2400 within the radius of about 20 meters. It can realize remote control switch and is very convenient to use.
Desktop 8 band cell phone signal jammer characteristic :           
1.High power, low fever            
2.Cover multiband cell phone signals            
3.Covering a radius of more than 20 meters            
4.2 auxiliary cooling fans            
5.The open / close shield can be controlled remotely by 5-10 meters.           
6.Number of antennas and sockets, easy to install            
7.Antenna angle adjustable            
8.12 months of quality warranty
Desktop cell phone signal jammer description:        
Transmitting power: CDMA:25dbm GSM25dbm DCS:25dbm or PCS:25dbm 3G:25dbm   4G:25dbm  GPS:25dbm      
Shielding radius: 10-25 m (depending on the network condition of mobile operators)            
Transmitting frequency: CDMA/GSM (851MHz-960MHz) 
                                    DCS (1805MHZ-1990MHZ) 
                                   3G (2110MHZ-2180MHZ)   
                                   GPS L1 (1575MHZ)
                                   WIFI 2.4G (2400MHZ 2500MHZ)   
                                    GPS L2
                                    GPS L5   
Charger specifications: 240 – 25 – 0V/12VDC   
Output Power: from 9 to 18W      
Car charger: 12VDC                        
Working hours: 24hours