High quality electric grinder screwdriver multifunctional soft shaft torsion drill connecting rod hose flexible collet.


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
DIY Supplies : Electrical
Model Number : A1A2A3
is_customized : Yes

material: plastic, plastic, metal
Colour: Black
Size: 3.2mm shaft
Weight: 0.23kg
Product list: Black plastic handle soft shaft (3.2mm shaft)
There is no need to match the specifications of the electric grinder interface. As long as your electric grinder or electric drill can clamp the 3.17mm size, the soft shaft can be attached. The installation is convenient and simple. Only the joint handle needs to be clamped to the electric grinder for clamping.
The front handle of the flexible shaft is made of aluminum alloy.
An electric grinder is required to use. (This soft shaft does not have a machine, please choose another machine)
100% new high quality.
High hardness, not easy to break, easy to use and smart.
The extension of the power tool (electric grinder, mini drill and engraving machine) allows the small parts of the workpiece to be ground.
Whenever possible, use a straight flexible shaft to extend the life of the flexible shaft.
Installation Notes:
Unscrew the chuck of the electric grinder.
Insert the drive shaft in the shaft into the chuck of the grinder and tighten the chuck with the chuck button.
Use the chuck key to install the electric grinder accessories.
Remove the collet key and start using it