HSS Cutting Blade Wood Plastic Copper Aluminum Soft Metal Saw Blade – 7PCS (3.2mm Rod)


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Overview and Specifications:

High-speed hacksaw film 22MM, 25MM, 32M M, 35MM, 45MM, 50MM various models, high-speed hacksaw film post!
3.2 mm rod diameter, buy 3 millimeter friend of electric mill, buy the saw blade to choose the appropriate 3.2 sandwich oh! Otherwise not good to use oh!
Scope of application: cutting wood products.
The speed must be slow when using the saw blade, and finally have to get pole clip!
When using this accessory, be sure to clip the lever to the end, because the front of the center of gravity at high speed, inertia will change the track! So the rod must be in place, or the speed of the machine may be thrown out of the bending saw blade, resulting in unnecessary losses and injuries, thank you for your cooperation! Buy 3 mm drill chuck, be sure to use a small electric blade diameter small electric light weight, the first half of the blade light weight, in the case of high-speed machine will cause vibration! Thus affecting the accuracy of cutting! Of course, increasing the risk of operation!
Please: buy saw blade users, be sure to safe operation! thank you all!