Hungry Frog Game Educational Frog Eating Table Games For 2 3 4 Players


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Model Number : 7012-84
Certification : China certified (3C)
Warning :
Age Range : 5-7 Years,2-4 Years
Theme : Animals & Nature

1. Made with high-quality environmentally friendly ABS materials, the product has undergone multiple inspections and certifications, and is non-toxic, harmless, odor-free and burr-free, and can be used with confidence. The cute and cute shape is loved by children and can’t be put down.

2. As a parent-child interactive toy for children, the frog eats beans and grabs beads game is fun and fun, which can stimulate children’s imagination and exercise the flexibility of children’s fingers. After Meng Frog turns on attack mode, press it quickly with your fingers, which is fun and exciting, you can exercise your hand speed and relieve stress.

3. The colorful colors of the beads are bright and pure, which helps children’s cognition of colors. There are 6 different shapes for users to choose.