IMALENT R70C Rechargeable Search LED Flashlight With 6500Lm Distance To 1270 Meters CREE XHP70-2nd with USB Charging


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Overview and Specifications:

Imalent R70C is a portable USB magnetically charged high performance flashlight
 - a smart aid for night outdoor searching and rescuing and industrial tasks,as well
as a backup  lighting  tool for your self-driving journeys. Six output levels and hide strobe, ensures  you  can have  long  runtime with low output  or high output when needed, so you  can  plan  and  prepare  for your nighttime  outdoor  journeys  and activities well in advance.  The R70C  will  illuminate the road and guarantee your  safety   outdoors.  R70C  is  fitted  with  one   latest   upgraded  Cree   XHP70  2nd generation  LED, delivering 6500 lumens of output and a beam  distance  of  1270 meters.Considering the user interface,  the R70C  is  fitted with user-friendly side pressure  switch for  stepped light  regulation  to  control  the  runtime  and output selection. This versatile light caters for multiple output level demands.