Intelligent Light Mosquito Trap Lamps USB Rechargeable Mosquito-Killer Lamps LED Light For Camp Cave


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Overview and Specifications:


Safe and Chemical Free – Pure physical mosquito killing, refused chemical mosquito traps, only for your health.

360 ° Mosquito Trap – The mosquito trap has no blind angle. It adopts 360-degree light source combination and omni-directional mosquito trap window to truly reach the mosquito-free zone., 

Vortex Airflow – The design of the vortex airflow effectively enhances the suction and enhances the mosquito killing effect., 

Intelligent Light Sense – It can be light-sensing machine, it will automatically turn on in the evening and automatically shut down in the morning.

1. Turn off the lights when killing mosquitoes at home-no other light interference (such as fluorescent lights, televisions, light outside the window). Close the windows to avoid strong wind (such as electric fans, air conditioners, etc.) from blowing directly into the machine, and keep the indoor air flow still.

2. When using this lamp, it is recommended that personnel leave the site temporarily-because blood sucking is the nature of mosquitoes, the human odor is far more attractive to mosquitoes than others, so when someone is present, it will directly affect the mosquito killing effect.


Product name: Physical Mosquito Killer
Model: M-280
Input voltage: DC5V-1A
Rated power: 3W
Product net weight: 0.53kg
Product gross weight: 0.75kg
Product size: 13.5 * 13.5 * 22cm
Packing size: 185 * 185 * 250cm
Use area: 60㎡