IPEGA Wolverine Bluetooth Wireless Gamepad Dual Vibration Game Controller PG-9099 For Android IOS Win7810 System


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Overview and Specifications:


This Gamepad supports playing games on BT
enabled Android/ Win 7/ 8/ 10 system without any drivers,

1. Applicable devices: Smartphone, tablet,
smart TV, set-top box, windows PC, P3 game console,

2. Support dual motor vibration function,
bringing more realistic vibration feedback experience! Equipped with colorful
LED light-emitting buttons for creating cooler atmosphere. (only vibrates when
starting up and has no vibration function during use)

3. Support TURBO (acceleration) function,
making it stronger and faster when playing games!

4. Equipped with telescopic phone holder suitable
for mobile phones within 6.2 inches.

5. L2/R2 is an analog function, making the
game precisely controllable!

6. The cross key can be replaced, making
operation easier.