IQ-Cubes MoYu Maple Leaf North Star Speed Cube 3×3 Strange-shape Magic Cube Twist Puzzle Educational Toys for Kids Adults


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Material : Plastic
Type : Puzzle Cube
Order Number : Strange-shape Magic Cube
Age Range : > 6 years old
Features : Mini
Warning :
Model Number :


The magic cube is well made with
eco-friendly ABS plastic, safe and non-toxic, harmless to human and
environment, wear-resistant and durable.

The speed cube is fully tensile to provide
maximum customizability.

The magic cube comes tensioned and lubed
already. When you get the cube, it is ready to rock!

Anti-pop technology and upgraded mechanism
structure allow faster turning and smoother movement.

Smooth And High Speed: The magic cube is
easy to turn and smooth to play, speeding up your solving time without any
effort and bringing you the best turning feeling in advance.

Great Performance: With superb rotation,
good fault-tolerant performance and great corner cutting, difficult to pop,
realizing good control of the cube.

No Stickers Required: The traditional
stickers have been replaced with colorful plastic, which means there will be not
fading and peeling.