IZTOSS Portable Multi-functional Folding Military Car Engine Shovel – Golden


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Overview and Specifications:

Product total:76CM 
Packing size:265*155*55MM
Product material:420 high carbon steel
Blade size:Length: 17cm wide: 12.5cm
Product specifications: Shovel head, link tube *3 thread cone *1 knife *1 whistle *1 shovel head to place bag *1

Selling points:
1. High carbon steel shovel head, after tempered treatment, the toughness is higher and durable.
2. Light shovel soil, cut down trees, easy and easy, the right side of the shovel handle, sharp and durable
Can cut rope, saw wood, etc., multi-function convenient shovel head.
3. Multi-section telescopic design, can be disassembled, the shovel head can be folded, can be disassembled, shorten can be assigned to the backpack directly, convenient to carry.
4. Each section connecting pipe is removable, shovel head links fixed screw dancer, shovel head can rotate 270 °
5. The connection tube is composed of the aluminum alloy, which is hard, the surface is oxidized, the color is harmonious, the touch is smooth and the touch is not discolored, and the environment is corrosion resistant.
6. Handle straight design with good grip, the tail-job quality alloy steel broken window safety hammer, the hardness is strong, the broken window for help is within reach
7. The design, of the humanized handle of the carefully extended reticulated thread, comfortable and anti-skid not touch sweet.
8. It is equipped with a high – carbon steel reinforced multi-function knife, which can be cut, saw, scraped, stabbed, double-double saw, sharp blade design, sharper and faster.
9. The connecting pipe handles can be constructed with built-in survival whistle. It has a fire road, which is directly linked to the handle and is more convenient to carry