Jazz Drum Set Musical Playset Perccusion Instrument Kit Kids Present For Boys And Girls


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Material : Plastic
Age Range : > 8 years old,> 6 years old,12-15 Years,8-11 Years,5-7 Years,2-4 Years,13-24 Months
Model Number : Children’s jazz drum
Type : Cheering Stick
Gender : Unisex
Dimensions : 40*15*45cm
Warning :

Main Features

1: It is made of high-quality ABS+PVC environmental protection material and metal, which has high hardness, wear resistance, scratch resistance, sturdiness and knock resistance, and is durable. The appearance is a standard 5-drum and cymbals jazz drum model. The model is dynamic and exquisite, and the craftsmanship is exquisite. The product has passed multiple quality certifications and is safe to use.

2: A truly musical enlightenment toy tailored for children, which is both educational and fun, and can develop children’s potential. It can exercise children’s tactile ability, hearing ability, and hand-eye coordination ability, and can also tap children’s musical talents.

3: The metal cymbals have a crisp blow, and the sound is crisp; the tough drum hammer has good toughness and can be restored; the PVC tension drum surface is tough and not easy to break; the design of the 5 drum 1 cymbals is clear in tone, clear in music, and easy to install. Suitable for children of different ages to learn and play.